Virtual Reality Toolkit
How to fix the render texture error of VRTK

Getting Started with VRTK

VRTK on the Unity Asset Store

Volumetric Lighting Tutorial
Volumetric Lighting tutorial for Unity


Augmented Reality with iOS

Brand identity explorations

Fake products – Aura

shawn wolfe

Inspiration for visualizations

Skinner by Keijiro is great, it might be too graphically demanding for mobile

Resources for Audio Visualizations in Unity
follow this series of tutorials and let me know if you are having problems:

Unity Audio to Visual

Unity Asset Store Audio Visuals Packages
Audio Visualizer
Another great visualizer

Free Particle System Packages
free particles



We will want you to get familiar with 3D modeling & animating in Blender then bringing that animation to Unity.
We will also want you to get familiar with the native animation tools within Unity.

Here is a exceptionally formal Lynda tutorial on 3D modeling in blender: 3D modeling blender on lynda

Another 3D modeling and animation tutorial by Darrin Lile on Youtube: 3D modeling characters

Workflows between blender and unity are also going to be essential: Blender to Unity

Having resources for textures will be helpful:
Adding normal maps etc will also be of use: crazy bump is crazy

Exporting animations from blender to Unity: Simple but 40 minutes
Darrin Lile also has a nice set of tutorials: Darrin Lile Blender Animation tutorial

Unity’s native animation editor: Bouncy ball
Path magic is a nice asset to explore: Path Magic



portal tutorial
learn how to make a portal

Send blend shapes from blender to unity, Blend Shapes Blender to Unity

Sam’s github repo – Immersive Project

Animation in Blender to Unity Tutorial

You will want to dive into this book, it will be very helpful for your pursuits: VR Unity Book

Reticle Management Tutorial, Youtube Reticle

Character Dialogue Tutorial on Lynda, Dialogue

Unity Essential Training will be helpful: Essential Training

Catlike Coding is very cool, some of the best Creative Coding tutorials for Unity on the web currently: Catlike Coding

Reilly needs to look up the VR UI asset that is really handy
Inventory Management systems, general score management, level ending, winning, losing, etc.
Look into reversing animation playback for trigger events

PCG for Unity is of high interest, feel free to explore it on your own time: PCG Unity

Procedural Cave Tutorial is pretty cool, PCG Cave Unity

Inventory Management System Asset unity asset store


You might need a clicker to click,

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Clicker {
	public bool clicked() {
		return Cardboard.SDK.CardboardTriggered;
		return Input.anyKeyDown;

Click to walk and click to stop script

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class HeadLookWalk : MonoBehaviour {
	public float velocity = 0.7f;
	public bool isWalking = false;

//private CharacterController controller;
private Clicker clicker = new Clicker();

void Start(){
//	controller = GetComponent<CharacterController> ();

	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {

		if (clicker.clicked()){
			isWalking = !isWalking;
		if( isWalking){
			//controller.SimpleMove(Camera.main.transform.forward * velocity);
			Vector3 moveDirection = Camera.main.transform.forward;
			moveDirection *= velocity * Time.deltaTime;
	//moveDirection.y *= velocity * 0.0f;
			transform.position += moveDirection;

Scene Manager documentation for Unity
Scene Manager Tutorial Check this one out and look for others to meet your needs

creating a scene menu in unity

VR – Cardboard & Oculus

VR UI solution for zooming into full scale models of aircraft
Supporting text or audio narration discussing specific content
will be using trigger zones for activation of this content

Zoom in / out events and how to trigger them


GitkrakenThis is very useful if you ever want to revert easily

Newton VR A great library for UI

Microsplat a nice alternative to the native unity Terrain assets

Here is a tutorial on making custom pivot points in Unity for your models: Custom Pivots Unity

C4D to Unity Point Cloud Animation exporting from c4d to unity



You will want to dive into the node based shader editor new to Unity 2018.1

Check out these two repos: ShaderGraph
Download and open each as separate Unity Projects.

Here is a tutorial video on the ShaderGraph editor ShaderGraph Unity Tutorial

Catlike Coding Catlike Coding is a great resource for creative coding in Unity

To get into blender modeling, there are a number of great resources:
Blender Guru is a great way to learn how to 3D modelBlender Guru

Useful Resources

Animation Tutorials Unity
Animation Window Unity
Get familiar with the animation tools available in Unity

Timeline Tutorials from Unity
Time Editor in Unity Get familiar with the timeline editor in unity for controlling animations

Ground Plane Tutorial for Vuforia
learn how to do markerless tracking This will get you exposure to ground tracking and placing augmented content in mid air using vuforia.

Patrick Felicia a bunch of great tutorial books on Amazon

mastering unity scripting

Learning C# in Unity

Mastering C# in Unity 2017

Augmented Reality Game Development

Unity to Blender and back

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