Kinectv2 PointCloud Web Viewer

Using 3JS code developed here, I was able to record and playback point cloud footage from the Kinect 2 in a webGL supported web browser. I’m currently trying to get more control over the code-base so that I can pre-load files rather than the current situation where a user has to download a file or record their own and upload it to the player.

A pre-recorded file of me for previewing is available for download here

You can view the file in the iframe below, or to view it in full screen, click here.
Remember to upload the provided zip file by choosing the file you downloaded in the upper left hand corner.
Please allow 20 – 30 seconds for it to load, the screen will briefly freeze.

I’m pretending to be annoyed with the person in front of me at any checkout line, or accidentally making eye-contact with a crackhead and awkwardly trying to play it off like he didn’t look into my terrified soul, the choice of context is up to the viewer.

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