Deep Dream Inceptionism Ubuntu Setup

I spent three days trying to install caffe on OSX 10 without success, so I moved on to using Virtualbox and installing a virtual partition on my laptop.

Ideally you would want to install this on a fully dedicated OS with a powerful CPU, Nvidia Cuda GPU, and lots of ram to boot.

This setup guide covers a CPU only compiled version of caffe because I have not been able to successfully compile a GPU or CuDNN makefile.config for caffe. I have CUDA installed but I don’t have a Nvidia CUDA GPU, however people seem to suggest that as long as you have the software provided by Nvidia for CUDA that shouldn’t matter…

To setup the google deep dream inceptionism codebase on Ubuntu 14.04,

Start by installing caffe.
Dependencies, dependencies, dependencies…


Then install deep dream.


Then install deep dream video.


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